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Land Based Aeroderivative Turbine Engines

Tecsia Lubricants offers NYCO and Anderol products for the effective and efficient lubrication of marine and industrial aeroderivative turbine engines (validation from major turbine manufacturers such as GE Energy and Rolls Royce).

The area of use of such “Ground Gas Turbines” is Power generation (simple and combined cycle, cogeneration…), Oil & Gas (on-shore and off-shore, energy generation, mechanical drive, drilling, injection, pumping, pipeline boosting…) and Marine propulsion.

Brands Products Features
Royco 500 A 5 centistoke synthetic lubricating oil for gas turbine engines. The product is a careful blend of "hindered" esters and modern additive technology. These carefully selected components result in a product that has demonstrated excellent performance in today’s modern gas turbines.
Royco 560 ROYCO 560 has been developed for the increased demands of the latest technological developments in gas turbine engines. With the advent of higher bypass ratio engines, higher thrust output, and consequently higher engine operating temperatures and pressures, this fluid has demonstrated a remarkable savings in lower maintenance costs and down time.
Turbonycoil 600 TURBONYCOIL 600 is a synthetic oil which delivers exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance. It has excellent resistance to foaming and a superior lubricity. It also offers a lower volatility and a higher flash point than competitive fluids.