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For any industrial machinery to operate smoothly, lubrication is the key consideration. In marine and offshore industry, where equipment may be stranded more than 100 miles from the shore, maximum efficiency is essential. Hence, lubricants must be selected wisely in order to ensure reliable and effective performance. Where replacement and spare parts may be days away, ensuring that everything is fully functional is critical to the bottomline.

Tecsia Lubricants offers the most comprehensive range of long service life specialty lubricants for mission critical equipment.

Our products includes:

  • Gearbox Oil
    • Tacbecon Syn Gear 900 series

  • Gearbox Semi Fluid Grease
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000A

  • Mooring Winch Gearbox
    • Tacbecon SOG 800 series

  • Rack and Pinion
    • Tacbecon Jackgel HDG
    • Tacbecon Ecogel HD

  • Spindle
    • Tacbecon SGHM 1000

  • Bearing / Slewing Bearing
    • Tacbecon SG series

  • Wire Rope
    • Tacbecon 305WR

  • Anti-Seize / Pipe Dope
    • Tacbecon S1100
    • Tacbecon SWR 53

  • Surface BOP
    • Tacbecon Gas Valve Grease N series

  • Gas Compressor
    • Tacbecon SYN P 1000 series
    • Tacbecon DISYN series

  • Breathing Compressor
    • Anderol 555
    • Anderol 755
Biodegradable Grease