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Our Products and Brands

Our lubrication specialists have carefully selected and tested the a line of specialty lubricants brands for all mission critical industrial applications.


ANDEROL is a leading manufacturer of high performance speciality lubricants used in wide ranging industrial applications backed by over 60 years of experience.


Hailing from Germany, Bantleon precisely tailors industrial solutions with metal cutting oils, lubricants, corrosion protection, cleaning productions, etc. Bantleon works closely with chemists, engineers, associations and environmental specialists to develop concepts suited for complex applications and requirements. .


Since 1980s, TACBECON has been producing many types of high-quality lubricants for a wide range of applications. This includes compressors, chains, gears and bearings, food grade applications, anti-seize and high/low temperature applications.


XAERUS Performance Fluids International combines the talents of World Class specialty lubricant development and manufacturing with application engineering and technical service. The products are manufactured in Midland, MI USA and are among the highest quality, best performing industrial lubricants available.

NYCO is a worldwide recognised French specialist, sole producer of aviation lubricants and synthetic esters. This brand provides highly valuable solutions in military lubricants to specialty industrial applications.

EVERLUBE is an innovator and leader in supplying solid film lubricant technology for over 50 years, meeting the requirements of a large variety of part and component performance related to industrial and military specifications.

COGELSA, with nearly 100 years of expertise, engineers a full product range of industrial oils, greases and fluids in its laboratory in Spain. Special lubrication solutions are available for industries such as printing, food, metalworking and metal stamping, glass, textile and so on.